World Hunger
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The Politics of Food: Food Bio-Diversity and Democracy
Speech by Fr. Miquel d'Escoto, MM
President of the General Assembly of the United Nations
November 18, 2008


60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference
UN Headquarters - New York - September 5-7, 2007

The Problem of Fresh Clean Water, Proper Sanitation for All

   The UN Development Programís annual report warns that poor sanitation and limited access to clean water are serious problems undermining human progress in many developing Asian countries. The report said that two of every three people in South Asia lack basic sanitation, putting that region on a par with sub-Saharan Africa. In East Asia, almost half the population lacks access to sanitation.

UN Millennium Goal #1
Hunger in Our World of Plenty

One of the focuses of the Carmelite NGO is the problem of hunger in our world. Here we present an article by Carmelite sister Jane Remson of the Carmelite NGO who has worked in this area for many years. We also present the UN's program to eliminate hunger and article on the new forces for change in our world.

Pontiff: Time Has Come to Eliminate Hunger
Addresses U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization

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