We call upon all people to:

  • Exercise your right to vote freely according to your conscience and to vote in peace.

  • Be assured that your vote is private and the choice you make is known only to you.

  • Respect the right of others to vote according to their own choice.

  • Refuse to participate in intimidatory behavior.

  • Focus your behavior on the ethics of equality, truth and mercy.

  • Pray that the people’s desire for a peaceful electoral process will be honored in our Country.

We call upon all political party Leaders and all Candidates to:

  • Refrain from using force to gain votes for your party.

  • Desist from using unemployed youth in intimidatory and destructive activities.

  • Urge your party members to respect the right of others to vote for whom they wish.

  • Present your party’s platform in a non – violent manner and promote dialogue as an alternative to force.

We call upon law enforcement agents to:

  • Ensure that there is no one above the law in Zimbabwe.

  • Carry out your responsibilities without fear and without prejudice.

  • Be quick to respond and intervene in situations of violence and use legal and peaceful means of  controlling violence.

  • Bring to justice through the system approved by the Constitution those people who have broken the law, including those who have done so in pursuit of party politics.

We call upon our youth and the unemployed in our country to:

  • Recognize that you are the backbone of this country.

  • Use your strength to build the Zimbabwe you hope for.

  • Refuse to be used by others who want to bring chaos and violence to the community.

  • Press upon other youth the need to refrain from behavior that is intimidatory, violent, and disrespectful of people and their property.

We call upon agents of the news media to:

  • Be accessible to all political parties contesting the elections and report their views fairly.

  • Be responsible for the dissemination of truth during this volatile time.

  • Be committed to professional journalistic ethics as they are articulated and promoted world - wide.

We call upon all traditional leaders to:

  • Refrain from being partisan.

  • Be instruments of peace and justice.

  • Continue to be custodians of our cultural virtues and traditions, by fostering a spirit of tolerance, co – existence, etc.

As church leaders in Manicaland we are available to all people regardless of political affiliation for counseling, prayer and discussion on the future of our nation. We therefore invite you to pray for peace especially during these coming elections and after.

To this end we as Churches in Manicaland have set aside the 24th of March (Easter Monday) as a DAY OF PRAYER for these coming elections. Therefore, Churches will be coming together within Mutare and outlying Districts for this purpose from 10 AM.