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Letter to the Main Representative of the Carmelite NGO
Update on the Situation in Zimbabwe

I have send you the pastoral letter which we Churches in Manicaland have worked on for the harmonized
elections in March. Unfortunately, a lot is happening on the ground especially evenings, in the rural areas
people are called for liberation struggle songs, are threatened if they fail to vote at the right place due to
the history of the country. They are reminded of how the country was liberated. These people are living in
the rural areas under the authority of a chief or a headman. As a result, the authorities are asked to tell
their people in the vicinity to remember the party which liberated them.

At present NGOs are not being allowed to actively being involved with the poor, the needy giving them food
for it is an activity associated with campaigning for the opposition party.

Our country Zimbabwe need a lot of prayers for God to take control of our situation especially for the forth
coming election for our president. The youths, war vets are actively being involved with all the activities of
beating, torture, burning houses, threatening the public for another war if the results are not in favour of
their party.

Hence people are living in fear. A little is being done to help the victims.
May God help us to bring peace in the country.

Best wishes