Volume 8, Number 1
  • Management of the Environment and
    Human Rights in Developing Countries
  • Fraternity, A Way To Care For
    The Environment
  • How the World Violates Human
    Rights, Country by Country
  • Do Something About It: 11 Facts
    About Human Rights Violations
Volume 8, Number 2
  • The Church Without Frontiers,
    Mother to All
  • The Catholic Church's Teaching
    on Migration
  • TheRefugeeProject.org
  • United Nations Years of ...

Volume 8, Number 3
  • Trafficking at Sea: Seafarers as the
    Latest Group of Modern Day Slaves
  • No One Shall Be Held in Slavery or Servitude
  • Some Interesting Facts about the
    Shipping Industry
  • Carmelite NGO Sets Future Direction
    During Annual Meeting in Rome
Volume 8, Number 4
  • COP21: A Show of Cooperation Among
    196 Nations on the Environment
  • Climate Change: the
    Moral Issue of Our Time
  • Which Countries Sent the Most
    Delegates to COP21?
  • 2016: Warmest Year Yet Worldwide
Volume 7, Number 1
  • Philippine Carmel Relief Service
    Ministry Brings Help to Many
  • Zimbabwean Bishops Propose National
    Agenda for Restoration and Peace
  • China's New Stricter Environment Law
    Submitted to Parliament
  • Europe Treaty on Violence Against
    Women to Take Effect

Volume 7, Number 2
  • Child Soldiers Struggle to Adapt
    Back to a Child's Life
  • The Importance of Culture in Any
    Sustainable Development
  • Scriptural Calls for Justice and
    for All to Participate
  • UN's Plant a Billion Trees Project
  • Culture...is, and always has been, the "key"!

Volume 7, Number 3
  • From Guatamala, Through the
    Desert, to New Life
  • Why the Millennium Development
    Goals Matter
  • Hunger Decreasing Worldwide with
    Positive Financial Effects
  • The Economic Cost of Malnutrition
    Equals 5% of Global GDP
  • U.N. Finds Increase in Trafficking
    of Children
Volume 7, Number 4
  • A Comprehensive Approach to
    Trafficking in Ghana
  • Moving Forward: A Post 2015 Agenda
  • Which Countries Have the Worst
    Record for Human Trafficking?
  • James Joins the Pope's
    Anti-Trafficking Efforts
  • "No Longer Slaves, But Brothers
    and Sisters"

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-Poverty/Financing for Development
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-SDGs – A new challenge
-Integrating Ecology and Justice
-Octobre 2015 Newsbrief
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