Volume 10, Number 1
  • The Urban Challenge
  • Pope Francis and Urban Planning
  • The Doomsday Clock and the
    Danger of Global Catastrophe
  • Top Ten Environmental Issues

Volume 10, Number 2
  • Inter-Religious Dialogue: A Must in
    Our Multi-Religious World
  • Mercy Binds Us Together
  • Islam

Volume 10, Number 3
  • We are Called to Learn and to Teach:
    Challenging Global Social and
    Environmental Problems
  • Laudato Si'': A Paradigm Shift for Today
  • UN International Year of
    Sustainable Development for Tourism

Volume 9, Number 1
  • Global Warming: Why Still Care
    About It?
  • Our Responsibility for the Earth
  • The Sin of Slavery In Today's World
  • Pope Francis and What Real,
    Integral Progress for the Person Is

Volume 9, Number 2
  • Migrant Laborers and Human Trafficking
  • A Clarion Call from the World's
    Religious Leaders
  • KARIT Celebrates 20 Years
  • Indonesian Province NGO
  • Coordinating Committee Holds 10th
    Annual Meeting to Set Agenda for
    Next Year
Volume 9, Number 3
  • The Sustainable Development Goals
    the Paris Climate Change Agreement:
    Understanding the Connection
  • All Life Has Inestimable Value
  • Paris Climate Agreement:
    What are the Key Elements?
  • Who Says Climate Change is Serious?

Volume 9, Number 4
  • Responding With Action Against Human
    Trafficking in Africa and Around the World
  • The Role of Business in Combating
    Slavery and Human Trafficking
  • Wars in Our World
  • Tweeting and the Carmelite NGO

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-Human Rights
-Poverty/Financing for Development
-Editions of One Page
-SDGs – A new challenge
-Integrating Ecology and Justice
-Octobre 2015 Newsbrief
-Octubre 2015 Mininoticias
-Lay Carmelites