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3-10-17 OP Experts explore, promote and defend Pope Francis' Peace Message

2-13-17 OP #3 The JPIC International Commission of the Carmelite Order is sponsoring a gathering for the entire Carmelite Family in July 2017

2-13-17 OPX #2 New Carmelite Curriculum Focused on Pope's Encyclical to be Adopted Worldwide

2-1-17 OP The Continent That Contributes The Most To E-Waste Is...

1-10-17 OP Guterres takes over UN, but cautions against hopes for miracles

12-1-16 OP In Search of Climate Justice

11-29-16 OPX #17 2016 to Beat The Heat Record

11-22-16 OPX #16 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 22)

11-3-16 OP #16 António Guterres named as next Secretary General of U.N.

11-11-16 OPX #15 President-elect Donald Trump's stance on climate change has many worried

10-6-16 OP #15 Do Christians, other think 'climate change' is manmade?

9-28-16 List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor

9-28-16 OPX #14 Vatican to U.N.: No sustainable development without 'absolute respect for life' in 'all stages'

9-27-16 OP #14 UN Proposes voluntary scheme to cut aviation CO2 emissions

9-6-16 OPX #13 Progress report on the new global development agenda

11-11-14 One Page Extra
Pontifical Letter to G - 20: “Responsibility for the poor and marginalized must be an essential element of any political decision.”

11-20-14 Global Nutrition Report

12-1-14 One Page December
Six Decades Left to Eliminate All CO2 Emissions, UN Says

12-1-14 One Page ­EXTRA

1-5-15 One Page January
Unfinished Climate Business: Rich/Poor Divide

1-12-15 Peru
Global Peer Pressure

1-26-15 OP Extra Copy
2014 Cafod Lecture: Argentinian bishop highlights urgency of tackling climate change

1-27-15 OP Extra 2015-01

2-2-15 One Page February

2-5-15 OP 33

2-9-15 OP 34

3-26-15 One Page April

4-16-15 One Page April Extra 236

10-1-15 SDGs

10-6-15 OP 314

10-1-15 One Page October

4-18-16 OP 34

4-25-16 OP 35

5-2-16 One Page May

5-9-16 OP 36

5-14-16 OP 36

5-19-16 OP 37

6-1-16 2016 Already Shows Record Global Temperatures

7-7-16 Pope Francis' Address

6-1-16 2016 Already Shows Record Global Temperatures

7-18-16 OPX #8 The World is flooded with plastic garbage

7-22-16 OPX #9 Scientists turn old plastic bottles into fuel

8-16-16 OPX #10 New UN Study links trees in drylands with sustainable development

8-22-16 OPX #11 Trees contribute to reducing carbon even after being cut down

8-29-16 OPX #12 UN Links Farming, Forestry and Improved Food Security

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