Aylesford, UK

August 25-27, 2009


Members present: Harry Adji, Joseph Chalmers, William Harry, Arie Kuil, Annah Theresa Nyadombo, Helen Ojario, Miceal O’Neill, Jane Remson and Jerry Sabado.

Members absent: Norbert Fokisan and Annamaria Reverend.

AUGUST 25, 2009

Following the agenda, members gave reports from their respective areas.  Written copies of their reports were given to each member. The day ended with a prayer led by Arie Kuil.

AUGUST 26, 2009

Helen Ojario reported on her first year in New York. During her first year she focused on: 1) familiarizing herself with the multiple sections of the UN, 2) the time consuming and difficult task of learning the acronyms and functions of the different sections and programs of the UN, 3) representing the Carmelite NGO at meetings and briefings on issues of climate change and human trafficking, and 4) moving into the Carmelite NGOs physical office located at 211 East 43rd St., New York, NY 10017 just one and a half block from the UN.

Jane Remson gave the administrative report that included the by-laws, financial report and ECOSOC passes.

By-laws – after reviewing the by-laws two recommendations were made.

Article I, Section 1: add that represents the Carmelite Family after Carmelite NGO.

Article III, Section 5: clarify term of office for president and vice-president.

Jane will present these by-laws and recommendations to the Congregation’s Executive Council at their October meeting.

Financial report – financial report was presented and received. A donation of $100,000 was obtained to pay rent on the New York office. This donation is restricted for rent payment. The rent for the New York office is $880/month and is a fixed amount for the next five years.

ECOSOC passes – Our accreditation with ECOSOC allows us four passes to UN buildings, conferences and programs. These passes need to be renewed annually. The passes are given to Helen representing the NGO at UN headquarters in New York, Arie representing the NGO in the E.U. (UN offices in Geneva, Vienna, Paris, Rome), Harry Adji representing the NGO in Asia Pacific (UN offices Bangkok, Manila) and Jane as the main representative.

The day ended with a prayer led by Annah Theresa.

AUGUST 27, 2009

Copenhagen: Jane Remson and Blaise Fernando will represent the Carmelite NGO at the International Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen. The Carmelite NGO will partner with organic farmers from the small Caribbean island of Dominica who are sponsored by The Florida Association for Volunteer Action in the Caribbean and the Americas (FAVACA). Copenhagen provides the Carmelite NGO the opportunity to participate in an international event of major significance. The Carmelite NGO will hold a side-event that will consist of a prayer service focusing on our stewardship of creation. The Carmelite NGO will have a prayerful petition addressed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in support of the industrialized nations assisting developing nations in their efforts to meet the demands of climate change. FAVACA will provide educational material and their own experience in organic farming on a small mountainous island that has limited open field space for farming. Team members from the E.U. interested in attending are encouraged. Invitations to our side-event will be sent to all UN ambassadors.

The remainder of the day was spent setting strategies for 2009-2010. The decision was made not to add another major issue, but to continue our focus on climate change and human trafficking. 

Viewed the film Blood Diamond.


1. We will broaden our focus on human trafficking to include all forms of trafficking. These include prostitution, labor, child beggars and child soldiers.

2. Sponsor two Days of Prayer

December 10, Human Right Day – Miceal and Joe are responsible for the prayer.  The theme will be human trafficking. Perhaps the material sent by Carlos Mesters can be used. Permission needs to be obtained for the NGO to publish the material. 

June 5, World Environment Day – Annah Theresa and Jane are responsible for the prayer. The theme will be water.

Using the Preamble and Position Statement presented by Miceal and reviewed by the team, Miceal will write the introductory page for the Carmelite NGO booklet. 

3. Publicity/Communication:

At the September meeting of provincials make sure the Carmelite NGO is represented.

By October to have a first draft of the Carmelite NGO booklet.

By December to have a space for a blog on our website.

The quarterly publication CarmeNGO will feature the following topics:

1st quarter –  Continuation of Trafficking Theme

2nd quarter – Copenhagen results and Carmelite NGO participation

3rd quarter – Mt. Carmel schools in Louisiana and California working on climate change

4th quarter – Child soldiers

4. New York office will:

  1. email summary of meetings and briefing to team members.
  2. facilitate contacts for team members.
  3. email date/place of UN meetings and conference on climate change and human trafficking to team members.
  4. cc Albertus Herwanta and Boby Sebastian on meetings and conferences on climate change and human trafficking so JPIC is included.

5. List of all Carmelites located in Africa.

6. Continue climate change survey developed by E.U. and circulate on web.

7. All will continue to focus on climate change and human trafficking in their respective areas.