Gort Muire Conference Center
Dublin Ireland


Members present:  Francis Xavier Hariawan Adji, Joseph Chalmers, William J. Harry, Arie Kuil, Annah Theresa Nyadombo, Helen Ojario, Miceal O’Neil and Jane Remson.

Members absent:  Norbert Fokisa, Annamaria Reverend and Gilbert Sabado.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2010

Following the agenda, members gave reports from their respective areas. Written copies of their reports were given to each member. A separate report was given by Harry Adji regarding his attendance of the 63rd Annual Department of Public Information (DPI) Conference with the theme of Advance Global Health held in Melbourne, Australia, 30 August – 1 September. His report emphasized that global health cannot be separated from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the role NGOs and civil society play in helping achieve the MDGs. The day ended with a prayer led by Miceal O’Neill.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2010

The meeting began with a prayer by Annah Theresa Nyadombo.  The morning was spent discussing ways to improve the function of the Spirituality Reflection Team and the operation of the New York office.

In the afternoon members attended a lecture by Kevin Culligan, OCD at Terenure College.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2010

Administrative Report

Jane gave the administrative report as follows:

Participation in World Summit on Climate Change:

The meeting was held in Denmark Copenhagen. Jane Remson, O. Carm., and Blaise Fernando, O. Carm. represented the Carmelite NGO at the summit. They distributed 500 copies of A Time of Prayer, The Natural World, Manifestation and Experience of the Sacred: A Further Reflection to Climate Change.  Prior to the summit members were encourage to ring church bells or other instruments at precisely 1500 hours so all around the world attention would be given to creation and climate change. Jane and Blaise attended the Climate Justice Mass sponsored by Caritas International and the Ecumenical Celebration for Creation sponsored by the World Council of Churches. At the Ecumenical Celebration the reading was done by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and the sermon was given by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, the service was attended by Queen Margaret of Denmark and her family. Jane and Blaise collected educational materials and mailed the materials to: Jose Luis of Karat, Madrid, Spain, Arie Kuil, The Netherlands, Mt. Carmel Academy in New Orleans, LA, Salpointe Catholic High School in Tucson, AZ, Crespi Carmelite High School in Encino, CA., and Harry Adji in Malang Indonesia.

Financial Report:

The financial report was given. Members are encouraged to solicit grants in their respective areas as a way to cover expenses for regional and area meetings.

Operating Procedures:

The revised procedures was presented with minor changes as follows:

The name By-Laws was changed to Operating Procedures.

A reference to the executive committee was dropped because it was repetitive.

Article VIII, Section 1 was expanded to permit the use of email, phone, fax and/or regular mail as a way of communicating outside of the annual meeting.

Terms of Coordinating Members:

In keeping with Article III, Section 4 Team members were elected and date of service was noted as September 12, 2010.  The members include:

Francis Xavier Hariawan Adji, Asia
Joseph Chalmers, General Council
William Harry, Communication/Publishing
Arie Kuil, European Union
Annah Theresa Nyadombo, Africa
Helen Ojario, North America, New York Office
Miceal O’Neill, Spirituality Reflection Team
Jane Remson, Main Representative to United Nations
Anna Maria Reverand, Central America & Caribbean
Eduardo Agosta Scarel, South America

Election of Executive Committee:

The members of the Executive Committee were elected as follows:

President – Jane Remson
Vice President – Joseph Chalmers
Secretary – Francis Xavier Hariawan Adji
Treasurer – Arie Kuil
Members-at-large – William Harry and Helen Ojario

Membership on the Coordinating Team:

The decision was made to remove the slot reserved for the Secretary, International Commission for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) from the structure of the Coordinating Team.  This was done because there are already several members of JPIC on the Coordinating Team.

Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico: 

Jane spoke of the role the NGO played in bringing information to decision makers in the clean up of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Satellite imagery of the area was sent to Jane and through her connections this imagery has reached the highest level of decision makers working to clean-up the oil spill especially in the wetlands of Louisiana and the fisheries of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Side Event:

The Carmelite NGO was a co-sponsor of the standing room only side event titled Consumption and the Rights of Mother Earth held at the UN on May 11, 2010. Speaking at the event and representing the Carmelite NGO was Eduardo Scarel, O.Carm., Ph.D., Professor of Science and Atmospheric Studies, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Other speakers included: H.E. Pablo Solon, Ambassador of Bolivia to the UN, David Krantz, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, Columbia University, New York, USA and Patricia Siemen, OP, Esq., Executive Director, Center for Earth Jurisprudence, Collaborative Center of Barry and St. Thomas Universities, Miami Gardens, FL, USA.


We will broaden our focus on human trafficking to include all forms of trafficking. These include prostitution, labor, child beggars and child soldiers. 

1. The Spring, Summer and Fall issues of CarmeNGO all contained articles on human trafficking.

2. The December 10th Day of Prayer featured human trafficking

3. The Dutch and English translations of I have heard their cry, I will be with you! were distributed.

4. Informational flyers as to who to contact if you are a victim of human trafficking continue to be distributed in New Orleans.

5. Continued networking with organizations that focus on human trafficking, especially Religious Against Trafficking in Women (SRTV), Indonesia with International Labor Organization (ILO), Metro in New Orleans, LA USA and RUHAMA and Action to Prevent Trafficking (APT) in Ireland.

Sponsor Two Days of Prayer:

December 10th, Human Rights Day the prayer featured human trafficking – 1,000 copies distributed.

June 5th, World Environment Day the prayer featured water – 1,200 copies distributed.

Both Days of Prayer are widely accepted and requested. The Prayers are used not only in Catholic organizations, but also in other organizations some of which are Christian others are civil.


At the September meeting of provincials make sure the Carmelite NGO is represented.

William Harry was present and represented the NGO.

By October to have a first draft of the Carmelite NGO booklet.

Of the 1000 copies of the booklet that were printed over 500 (300 at the Carmelite Forum held at Notre Dame, IN) were distributed. Copies are available from our main office and are posted on our website.

The quarterly publication of CarmeNGO.

CarmeNGO continues to grow. We print and mail 1,000 copies each quarter.

New York Office:

Email summary of meetings and briefing to team members

Not happening on a regular basis as yet.

Facilitate contacts for team members

Happening on an as need basis

Email date/place of UN meeting and conferences on climate change and human trafficking to team members.

Happening on an as need basis

cc Albertus Herwanta and Boby Sebastian on meetings and conferences on climate change and human trafficking so JPIC is included.

They are included in whatever UN materials that go to team members.

List of all Carmelites located in Africa.

List given to Jane and are included in the CarmeNGO mailing list.

Continue climate change survey developed by E.U. and circulate on web.

Survey needs revision, decided not to continue.

All will continue to focus on climate change and human trafficking in their respective areas.


1. We will continue our focus on climate change and all forms of human trafficking and add to our focus freedom of religion or belief.

2. Sponsor two Days of Prayer:

December 10th, Human Rights Day – Miceal is responsible for the prayer.  The theme will feature respect of religion or belief.

June 5th, World Environment Day – Jane is responsible for the prayer. The theme will be honoring creation.

3. Each member will regularly (at least every other month) send a summary of their activities to Bill to be posted on the website.

4. Expand our publications beyond Carmelites. Each member will send 10 names and addresses to Jane to be included in the CarmeNGO mailing list.



  1. Focus on education in schools, networking with other organizations on climate change, human trafficking and freedom of religion or belief and promote tree planting.
  2. Write letter to all Carmelites in Africa regarding the work of the NGO.
  3. Be in contact with Helen for contacts of organizations working in Africa.


  1. Continue education among youth.
  2. Engage in networking with organizations with similar focus as Carmelite NGO
  3. Translate CarmeNGO, Days of Prayer into Indonesian.

European Union:

1. Develop additional personal contacts and networking opportunities.

North America:

  1. Continue working with Carmelite High Schools in New Orleans, Tucson and Encino on climate change.
  2. Hold a Conference on Mother Earth.
  3. Continue education on climate change and human trafficking among youth.
  4. Introduce Freedom of Religion or Belief to church groups, schools and other organizations.

New York Office:

  1. Email summary of meetings and briefing to team members.
  2. Email minutes of Religious at the United Nations (RUN) meeting to team members
  3. Facilitate contacts for team members.
  4. Email date/place of UN meetings and conferences on climate change, human trafficking and freedom of religion or belief to team members.
  5. cc Albertus Herwanta and Boby Sebastian on meetings and conferences on climate change and human trafficking so JPIC is included.
  6. Send contact information regarding the World Wildlife Fund to Harry Adji.
  7. Provide information on Women’s organizations to Annah Theresa.


  1. Put regional activities on website.
  2. Keep website updated.
  3. Publish CarmeNGO, Days of Prayer, Position Papers and Abstracts.
  4. Add “donation” click on website.
  5. Send out press releases regarding the NGO.

Spirituality Reflection Team:

  1. Edit Position Papers
  2. Edit articles to be used as Abstracts
  3. Solicit author for Position Paper on Human Rights
  4. Keep Spirituality Reflection Team informed on the work of the NGO and their commitment.
  5. Day of Prayer for December 10, 2010.

Next Meeting: 

The next meeting is scheduled for the first or second week of August 2011. Exact date and location to follow.